AnimaltestingSince I am a 2 month vegetarian I have a strong feeling towards cosmetic testing on animals. I think it is sick and inhuman to do so. I would rather wear no make up than wear make up that was disgustingly tested on a animal for my benefit and hurt in the process. So I am throwing away all my make up that was animal tested on and buy the following make up brands instead : Revlon, Almay, Wet N’ Wild, Mary Kay, Aveda, M.A.C., and Physicians Formula. I know there are many more out there…..but these are the ones that are most common to me. I advise people to take my example and do the same for themselves. No animal should suffer for our beauty.


Workout Regime

So I finally made a workout routine that I hope to follow through with. What I hope to accomplish from this training is to have killer abs(somewhat of a six pack but not too macho), nice butt and toned arms(preferrably like Jessica Biel’s), a nice cut back(something lean but shows a little muscle without being too muscular), lean/firm legs(that can fit into a size 3-4 pants), and lastly to become more flexible(I want to be able to do the splits). I just want mouths to drop when I go back to school this year. I want to feel more confident in myself inorder to succeed my junior year…which is the most important year of all. So wish me luck and I will comment later on my success and (hopefully this won’t happen) failures on my workout.

A tattoo of…..

6a00d8341c630a53ef00e5520d7d498834-800wiMARILYN MONROE!!! So I have this notion of getting a portrait of marilyn monroe on the back of my left shoulder. I was thinking of getting just a plain old quite at first but then it hit me…..who helped me through my struggles of imperfect beauty….SHE DID! Just last month I was feeling a bit down about the way I was looking. I felt I had to be a size two and be skinny where at the time I was a size 6 and perfectly fine. But then I found out that one of the most glamorous people in the world who is adored by a lot of people and was back then the essence of perfection was a size 12…probably by this time a size 8. She helped me realize my own beauty and that beauty is sometimes just within yourself by bringing forth your personality. People may disagree with me but I feel she did make a big impact in my life so I should see no reason in not getting a tattoo of her. Just one problem……how much would it cost??????????????????????????
My two choices of a tattoo of her are: